sound | noise

Gepubliceerdop mrt 25, 2017

watch ‘blue jay calls and sounds’

‘Buddhists understand everything, every noise, as a sound which we make, you know. You may say, “The bird is singing there-over there.” But we think, you know-bird-when we hear the bird, bird is “me,” you know, already. I-actually I am not listening to [laughs] bird. Bird is here, you know, in my mind already, and I am singing with the bird. “Peep-peep-peep.” [Laughs.] If you think, when you are reading something, if you think, “Bird is there,” you know, “bluejay is over my roof” [laughs]-“bluejay is singing, but their voice is not so good,” you know [laughs, laughter]. When you think in that way, that is noise, you know. When you are not disturbed by the bluejay, you know, the bluejay will come right into your heart, and you will be a bluejay, and bluejay will [be] reading something [laughs]. Then the bluejay doesn’t disturb your reading. Because-because you think, “Bluejay is there. Bluejay should not be over my roof, “you know. When you think in that way, that is more primitive understanding of being. Why we understand things in that way is because of our want of practice, you know. When you practice zazen more, you can accept things as your own, whatever it is, you know.’ –

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