Embracing the mad mind – dharmales van Ruth King

Gepubliceerdop okt 6, 2017

The “mad mind” can be a raw and persistent form of suffering in daily life, blocking our experiences of intimacy and freedom. In this online video retreat, insight meditation teacher Ruth King will show you how to recognize the mad mind and soften its grip with the fundamental practices of lovingkindness and compassion, as well as how to use the intensity of strong emotions like rage in order to get in touch with the seeds of radiance and joy. – tricycle.org

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Ruth King is a guiding teacher at Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC, and a member of its Board of Directors. She is also the founder of Mindful Members Practice Community in Charlotte, NC. King is the author of Soothing The Inner Flames of Rage–Meditations That Educate the Heart and Transform the Mind (Sacred Spaces Press 2007), and Healing Rage–Women Making Inner Peace Possible (Gotham 2007). – tricycle.org

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