justice is a practice

Gepubliceerdop feb 11, 2018

“how much changed out there, when you changed your in-here?”

“Love and Justice are not two. Without inner change, there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.”

Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Often, we have this sense that everything we have to do in order to change the world, in order to disrupt the systems that would have us not love each other across lines of difference, and even across lines of sameness, has to do with what we have to do out there,” williams says, “but these practices have the capacity to disrupt the disconnect that lives inside of us…as long as that separation, that disconnect lives inside of you, you will continue to uphold structures of division and separation unconsciously, or you’ll simply learn to ignore them.

For those of us for whom those separations and disconnects remain a part of our ongoing experience, it’s time to undertake the deep inner work required of us now. As williams notes, justice is itself a practice—one that can be measured and felt, and one that we each have the power to enact. By nature, inner work isn’t easy—learning to sit with difficult feelings, dismantling inner constructs, acknowledging our complicity in systems of oppression, and questioning our beliefs is hard, and it’s uncomfortable. But now is the time to get acquainted with our discomfort, to do the inner work that outer change demands. – north atlantic books



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