Gepubliceerdop sep 14, 2017

If I agreeably honor and entrust myself (to others)
They will bring me benefit and happiness
But if I entrust myself to these disturbing
In future they will bring only misery and harm.
Als ik anderen aangenaam en vertrouwend tegemoet treed,
zullen zij mij geluk en vrede bezorgen.
Maar schenk ik mijn vertrouwen aan een waandenkbeeld,
dan krijg ik slecht schade en ellende terug.
Bodhisattvacharyavatara Bodhicaryavatara


3 delusions: opinion, emotion and speech

Gepubliceerdop mei 5, 2017

“Tōzan said*: … ‘there are three kinds of lingering delusions. They are the lingering delusions of opinion, emotion, and speech.
With lingering delusions of opinion, one can’t separate himself from the domain of the thinking mind and hence falls into the poisonous ocean.
With lingering delusions of emotion, one always looks at things from the standpoint of the intellect, becoming narrow-minded and biased.
With lingering delusions of speech, one loses sight of the wonderful teaching of the true nature of things and becomes blinded to its true activity. Please consider these three lingering delusions carefully.’
One who has not yet exhausted these lingering delusions will be stained by the two aspects — existence and emptiness — and will not find freedom anywhere.”

Bassui Tokushō (1327–1387)