al het zichtbare een gelijkenis

Gepubliceerdop okt 30, 2022

Elke verschijningsvorm op aarde is een gelijkenis, en elke gelijkenis is een open deur waardoor de ziel, indien zij bereid is, toegang kan verkrijgen tot ‘s werelds innerlijk waar jij en ik, dag en nacht allemaal eender zijn. Ieder mens vindt in zijn leven deze open deur wel eens op zijn weg, iedereen wordt op een gegeven moment bevlogen door de gedachte dat al het zichtbare een gelijkenis is, en dat achter deze gelijkenis de geest en het eeuwig leven schuilgaan. Doch slechts weinigen gaan door de deur naar binnen om de schone schijn op te geven voor de vagelijk bevroede werkelijkheid van het innerlijk.

Hermann Hesse



Gepubliceerdop jan 10, 2021

In meditatie moet je zijn in zichzelf opgaan, een non-duale staat. Blijf stil. Probeer je niet uit de modder van je concepten te worstelen, je zakt er alleen maar dieper in. Blijf stil.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


grenzeloze diepte

Gepubliceerdop jan 9, 2019

Though poor, never poor
Though sick, never sick
Though aging, never aging
Though dying, never dying
Reality prior to division –
Herein lies unlimited depth

  Kosho Uchiyama Roshi


sri ramana maharshi

Gepubliceerdop aug 15, 2018

What is there essentially is the Self, the reality in which appears you and the world. And so long as you imagaine that you’re in a body looking at the world you’re going to suffer. … Once you get rid of the person inside who looks outside at something, then you find your own natural state. [47:19]

Documentary on the great Indian sage Sri Ramana Maharshi. Released publicly on 25th May 2018. If you enjoyed the film donations can be made via www.jnani.tv to fund future productions.


op eigen kracht

Gepubliceerdop dec 8, 2017

Once you merge your tracks into the stream of Zen, you spend your days silencing your mind and studying with your whole being. You realize that this Great Cause is not obtained from anyone else but is just a matter of taking up the task boldly and strongly, and making constant progress. Day by day you shed your delusions, and day by day you enhance your clarity of mind.

Your potential for enlightened perception is like fine gold that is to be refined hundreds and thousands of times. What is essential for getting out of the dusts, what is basic for helping living creatures, is that you must penetrate through freely in all directions and arrive at peace and security free from doubt and attain the stage of great potential and great function.

This work is located precisely in your own inner actions. It is just a matter of being in the midst of the interplay of the myriad causal conditions every day, in the confusion of the red dusts, amid favorable and adverse circumstances and gain and loss, appearing and disappearing in their midst, without being affected and “turned around” by them, but on the contrary, being able to transform them and “turn them around.”

When you are leaping with life and water cannot wet you, this is your own measure of power. You reach an empty, solidified silence, but there is no duality between emptiness and form or silence and noise. You equalize all sorts of wondrous sayings and perilous devices and absolute perceptions; ultimately there is no gain or loss, and it is all your own to use.

When you go on “grinding and polishing” like this for a long time, you are liberated right in the midst of birth and death, and you look upon the world’s useless reputation and ruinous profit as mere dust in the wind, as a dream, as a magical apparition, as an optical illusion. Set free, you pass through the world. Isn’t this what it means to be a great saint who has emerged from the dusts of sensory attachments?

Yuanwu (1063-1135)