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Gepubliceerdop mei 11, 2021

Ban pesticides in the EU: sign and support initiative Save Bees and Farmers

 The judges in the Monsanto Tribunal concluded that the widespread distribution of pesticides could be considered as ecocide. That’s why we ask all EU citizens to sign the initiative Save Bees and Farmers. This will help to ban pesticides. Maybe not tomorrow, but in the long run. A very necessary step for our health and our biodiversity.

Support video by Marie-Monique Robin: Enough! No more pesticides

Powerful call by Marie-Monique Robin (film The World according to Monsanto and patron of Monsanto Tribunal):

Please sign the petition Save Bees and Farmers

It’s enough!

We don’t want no more pesticides on the fields.
The pesticides pollute our soils,
The food we eat,
The water we drink,
And the air we breathe.
They make our farmers and residents sick.
They contribute to the destruction of our biodiversity.
80% of the insects have disappeared in Europe
30% of the birds
The bee colonies continue to collapse
All this deadly business
Benefits a handful of multinationals
Like Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta

It’s enough!

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