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Gepubliceerdop mei 11, 2021

Ban pesticides in the EU: sign and support initiative Save Bees and Farmers

 The judges in the Monsanto Tribunal concluded that the widespread distribution of pesticides could be considered as ecocide. That’s why we ask all EU citizens to sign the initiative Save Bees and Farmers. This will help to ban pesticides. Maybe not tomorrow, but in the long run. A very necessary step for our health and our biodiversity.

Support video by Marie-Monique Robin: Enough! No more pesticides

Powerful call by Marie-Monique Robin (film The World according to Monsanto and patron of Monsanto Tribunal):

Please sign the petition Save Bees and Farmers

It’s enough!

We don’t want no more pesticides on the fields.
The pesticides pollute our soils,
The food we eat,
The water we drink,
And the air we breathe.
They make our farmers and residents sick.
They contribute to the destruction of our biodiversity.
80% of the insects have disappeared in Europe
30% of the birds
The bee colonies continue to collapse
All this deadly business
Benefits a handful of multinationals
Like Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta

It’s enough!

Buddhist Film Festival Europe @EYE Amsterdam: 27, 28 & 29 september

Gepubliceerdop sep 1, 2019

Every year the BFFE takes place in the beautiful Eye Filmmuseum, under the direction of Babeth M. VanLoo. During this 14th Buddhist Film Festival, Buddhist values, art and culture are again brought together through film. To be together around films, panel discussions with experts and the integration of altruistic values in our society are central. This years theme is IDENTITY.

“Yes, our films will address that in a diversity of approach and genre, from workshops on the Wisdom of Medicine or the Intelligence of Trees, a quest for Reincarnation (‘Who was I? Who am I? Who will I be?’), to a memorial homage for Bernie Glassman; with a special event and films on Tibet, the magical world of Bhutan, the unknown tradition of passionate music monks of China, East meets West, a window into the shamanist and Buddhist art of Buryatia, on a trekking path of the Buddha in India, Art in Focus, and the wisdom of Zen and Buddhist teachers that can help us live our lives in contentment.”- 

Buddhist Film Festival Europe @EYE Amsterdam: 28,29 & 30 september

Gepubliceerdop sep 8, 2018

The theme for BFFE 2018 will be ‘Radical Presence’.

Angel Kyodo Williams will visit the festival and there will be a special focus on women. Check for updates about the opening film, the program and the special event on the website of BFFE 2018!

In the 13th Buddhist Film Festival Europe, under the direction of Babeth M. VanLoo, Buddhism, film, art and culture are brought together. This heart-warming meeting of people who are inspired by a careful selection of spiritual films, panels and art, will take place again this year in the beautiful space of the film museum EYE. Nothing gives more energy than feeling connected to a community of inspiring filmmakers and film-lovers in such a perfect location.

The Buddhist Film Festival Europe (BFFE) is a unique showcase for films and projects, panels and art that highlights the Buddhist culture of training in non-violence and altruism. For more than ten years, we have contributed with films and speakers to the growth of mindfulness, aiming at the creation of a more compassionate society.

The BFFE desperately needs your support to keep organising this special festival over and over again without a structural subsidy.

Join the BFFE membership community @

Ecocide – Corporations on trial

Gepubliceerdop jun 25, 2018

“This meeting is not only a fight against a multinational company, it is a commitment to life and freedom. It’s all about stopping the big corporations, which are colonising our food system and our agriculture by enslaving our Mother Earth for their profit. (…) It is a fight for humanity and for the future of the planet.”

Nnimmo Bassey, Nigeria, author and environmentalist

The brochure ‘Ecocide – Corporations on trial’ originally published in Switzerland by the European Civic Forum is now available in English and Spanish. The first version that was available in printed version in French and German has been revised, and prefaced by Prof. Olivier de Schutter. The English and Spanish PDF version is a joint production of the European Civic Forum and the Monsanto Tribunal Foundation. It can be freely shared and printed. –

Petitie tegen fusie Bayer en Monsanto

Gepubliceerdop okt 19, 2017

Stop monster-merger BaySanto! (to: Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager, European Commission)  A Bayer-Monsanto merger would be a disaster for our farmers. It will be a catastrophe for our bugs, bees and birds. We urge you to reject the merger and prevent the damage caused by these corporations. We also demand full openness about your decision making processes.

Why is this important? On October 16 we have published scientific research with our partners, showing the proposed merger should be forbidden under EU competition law. The research, done by international competition law experts from the University College London, explains how Bay-Santo would control our entire food system. They want farmers to buy all they need from one company. Starting with GMOs, seeds, and pesticides as their main products, Bay-Santo will also offer fertilizer, digital equipment, and farm machinery.

Bayer is one of the largest producers of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. And Monsanto is one of the leading producers of genetically modified plants. [1] Together, these companies could have a total lockdown on what farmers put in their fields, the pesticides they use, what we buy in the shops, and ultimately put on our dinner tables. If the merger is to be successful, the two companies must gain approval of competition authorities all over the world, including from the EU. Bayer has managed to “convince” Donald Trump to back the mega-merger [2], and now there is really only one organisation that has enough clout to stop the deal – the European Union.

We know that Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner for competition informally is already negotiating with Bayer behind closed doors. If we don’t act now this mega-merger could be a done-deal. That’s why we have to tell her to reject the deal now. – WeMove.EU


plastic strategy EU

Gepubliceerdop okt 14, 2017

Hopeful Message from WeMove.EU:

It’s a cold and foggy morning in Brussels. Together with 20 other activists I have been waiting for Frans Timmermans for more than an hour. The first Vice-President of the European Commission will open the EU conference on plastic strategy today. We have 600,000 signatures from all over Europe to hand over – three kilograms of paper. Will our signatures hold any weight for him? Timmermans and his staff are coming around the corner with quick steps – and his reaction leaves us almost speechless.

He is concerned about the waste of our seas: “I am your ally and I will do my best so that we can present an ambitious strategy by the end of this year”. Timmermans, the second-ranking official in the European Commission supports our campaign – this is a real breakthrough!

Are these just empty words? It does not look like it. In his opening speech at the conference, he mentions our petition right at the beginning – to the surprise of the plastics lobby. And shortly after, he posts a video of our delivery on Facebook and Twitter. EU’s First Vice-President takes the fight against plastic waste very seriously – and our Europe-wide campaign is of great help to him.

Handing over the signatures to Vice-President Timmermans with our friends from Campact and Rethink Plastic Alliance
We believe that when politicians announce ambitious plans, they deserve our praise. A wave of support on Facebook and Twitter will encourage Timmermans to follow-through on his ambitious goals and stand up to the plastic industry. He is very active on social networks, so we can be sure he will notice. Use the buttons below to show your support with a comment or “like”:

Click here to react to Timmermans’ Facebook post
Click here to react to Timmermans’ Twitter post

The fight is not over yet, but this is a huge step forward and we can be proud of it. …

With hope,

Doina (Bucharest), Julia (Warsaw), Jörg (Lübeck), Olga (Bologna), Virginia (Madrid), and the rest of us at WeMove.EU

steunbetuiging Tibet

Gepubliceerdop okt 3, 2017

De toekomst van Tibet, het voortbestaan van het Tibetaanse volk en het overleven van zijn cultuur [en de Tibetaanse natuur; noot zentrifuge] worden ernstig bedreigd. Het Chinese beleid zorgt voor een zorgwekkende vernietiging van de Tibetaanse cultuur, taal en religie.

Er is op de site van International Campaign for Tibet de mogelijkheid om een steunbetuiging aan de Dalai Lama te tekenen.

De Dalai Lama ziet instandhouding van de Tibetaanse cultuur als zijn persoonlijke verplichting. Een kostbare cultuur gebaseerd op wijsheid en mededogen, die appelleert aan wat wij missen in de huidige wereld en die wij moeten beschermen. Niet alleen voor het Tibetaanse volk, maar ook voor onszelf en de toekomst.

international campaign for tibet


stop glyfosaat!

Gepubliceerdop mei 19, 2017

Begin juni beslist de Europese Unie of ze het gebruik van het omstreden onkruidbestrijdingsmiddel glyfosaat voor minstens een jaar zal verlengen. Glyfosaat is het actieve bestanddeel van Monsanto’s Roundup. Het kankeronderzoekscentrum (IARC) van de Werelgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO) classificeerde glyfosaat eerder vorig jaar als “waarschijnlijk kankerverwekkend“ voor de mens, dit is de op een na hoogste risicocategorie die het WHO gebruikt. –

Het European Citizens Initiative van voert actie tegen deze stof. Met dit burgerinitiatief willen organisaties en burgers een verbod op Glyfosaat bewerkstelligen en een oproep doen aan de Europese Unie voor een pesticide-vrije toekomst. Er zijn een miljoen EU-handtekeningen nodig, de petitie is nu door ongeveer 750.000 mensen getekend.

link naar de petitie van WeMove

Cora Ball filtert microvezels uit waswater

Gepubliceerdop mei 4, 2017

Bij het wassen van synthetische kleding komen er miljoenen piepkleine synthetische vezels vrij die via het waswater in het milieu en vervolgens de voedselketen op ons eigen bord terechtkomen. De Cora Ball is een van de eerste innovatieve oplossingen voor dit probleem.

Het ontwerp van de Cora Ball is een vorm van biomimicry; technologie geïnspireerd en gebaseerd op mechanismen uit de natuur. De werking van de Cora Ball is namelijk geïnspireerd op hoe koralen kleine voedseldeeltjes uit stromend water filteren. In de wasmachine stroomt het water langs de Cora Ball en de microvezels blijven achter tussen de steeltjes. – Plastic Soup Foundation

We are eating our fleece. Every time we do laundry, our clothes shed tiny microfibers (including plastic), which go down the drains of our washing machines, through wastewater treatment facilities and into our waterways. Protect the ocean environment with this easy-to-use laundry ball that catches microfibers shedding off our clothes in the washer. You just put it into your washing machine and do your wash as usual. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Cora swooshes around in the laundry and just like coral, allows water to flow, while picking up those little pieces of microfiber and catching them in her stalks.Cora Ball


In Pursuit of Silence

Gepubliceerdop apr 21, 2017

In deze film wordt op meditatieve wijze op zoek gegaan naar stilte. Het toont de gevolgen van een almaar luidruchtiger wereld op het welbevinden van de mens. Weten we eigenlijk nog wat stilte is? De film laat stilte zien als levensbehoefte die onder druk staat. Via bossen, een theeceremonie in Japan, zen beoefenaars en een jonge Amerikaan die een jaar lang in absolute stilte de VS te voet doorkruist, onderzoekt de film onze relatie met stilte en de impact van geluid. Het leert ons dat stilte niet de afwezigheid is van geluid, maar het begin van luisteren. – een film van Patrick Shen

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