guided awe meditation

Gepubliceerdop mei 3, 2017

Geleide meditatie in het bos om verwondering/ontzag/eerbied te ervaren.  Het ervaren van korte momenten van ontzag (Engels: ‘awe’) maakt mensen o.a. altruïstischer, bescheidener en bewuster van de kracht in anderen en minder gestresst onder uitdagingen in het leven van alledag.

Met je muis kan je rond- en omhoog kijken in de film!

Use your mouse to look around in this old forest!

“Coming out of these experiences of awe, we often feel a sense of wonder. The striking thing, once you really start to think about awe and try to practice it in your life, is how omnipresent it is. As you move through your day, take note of the moments that bring you wonder, that give you goosebumps: These are your opportunities for awe.

Go out and find your awe moments and listen to them carefully; see where they guide you. What you’ll find, in how they stir humility and wonder, is that they will point you towards what you’re supposed to do while you’re here on Earth. ” – Greater Good Science Center