een effect van bewustzijn

Gepubliceerdop aug 13, 2018

A human being is an effect of consciousness. They are not the operators of consciousness. [01:10-01:14]

Ego … is just a very contracted form of consciousness. A modification of consciousness. It’s like you’re not firing on all engines.

You’re working with very restrictive consciousness. When it’s in the modification, ‘I am a person,’ it is still consciousness. But it’s in very restrictive zone. When that is seen, then the consciousness opens up again. It’s depersonalized, and again it now it becomes universal, the consciousness.

You are universal consciousness! Dreaming itself as individuality. But we are not just to learn this, you have to recognize it. Discover this. Something gets somehow, cleansed, through your own seeing. [03:12 – 04:12]