Ecocide – Corporations on trial

Gepubliceerdop jun 25, 2018

“This meeting is not only a fight against a multinational company, it is a commitment to life and freedom. It’s all about stopping the big corporations, which are colonising our food system and our agriculture by enslaving our Mother Earth for their profit. (…) It is a fight for humanity and for the future of the planet.”

Nnimmo Bassey, Nigeria, author and environmentalist

The brochure ‘Ecocide – Corporations on trial’ originally published in Switzerland by the European Civic Forum is now available in English and Spanish. The first version that was available in printed version in French and German has been revised, and prefaced by Prof. Olivier de Schutter. The English and Spanish PDF version is a joint production of the European Civic Forum and the Monsanto Tribunal Foundation. It can be freely shared and printed. – en.monsantotribunal.org