#de boeddha

future is now!

Gepubliceerdop nov 7, 2017

Laat het verleden verdorren en
maak je geen zorgen meer om de toekomst,
wanneer je je aan niets meer vastklampt,
zul je in vrede leven.

Sutta Nipata


stoffige zachtheid

Gepubliceerdop okt 22, 2017

“The Buddha’s view of home leaving is summarized in these words: ‘Household life is crowded and dusty; life gone forth is wide open. It is not easy, while living in a home, to lead the holy life.’ …  We need to regard the Buddha’s first teaching about ‘life gone forth’ carefully; we need to be careful about cutting off both human feelings and relationships. Practicing nonattachment is not the same as practicing detachment. The former practice addresses the human selfishness we bring to all of our relationships and is guided by the relinquishing of self-clinging to reactions that arise. The latter is repressive and disconnected and seeks to keep our delusional selfcenteredness intact by avoiding intimate relational contact and feelings.

Furthermore, the description of family life as ‘crowded and dusty’ might encourage some to think that holiness is found elsewhere than that dustiness. Somewhere, other than right where we are, there is an ideal practice life that is dustless. Somewhere there exists a life pure and elevated from the dust of human family relations. Imagining this to be true is a serious mistake, and sadly not an uncommon one. While each of us needs to find quiet time to reflect on our true nature, it is important to see buddha-nature reflected even in our most annoying family members, relatives, and associates. If we cannot do this, our practice develops a puritanical, precious, detached, and heartless quality.” – Grace Schireson


louter een naam

Gepubliceerdop okt 4, 2017

“Bovendien Subuthi, de dharma die annutara samyaksambodhi wordt genoemd is één met al het andere. Niets ervan is in tegenspraak met iets anders. Daarom wordt het de perfecte en onovertroffen vrijheid genoemd. Het kent zichzelf door de afwezigheid van een zelf, een persoon, een wezen of een voortlevende entiteit. Daarom is het volledig gekend als de totaliteit van alle heilzame dharma’s. En toch, Subuthi, zijn er door de Tathagata geen dharma’s onderwezen. Zoiets is louter een naam. Daarom noemen ze het ‘heilzame dharma’s’.”

fragment uit de Diamant Soetra


to offer others solidity and freedom

Gepubliceerdop apr 18, 2017

You are the source of well-being flowing through numberless troubled lives,
the water from your spiritual stream always pure, as it was in the beginning.
You are the source of peace,
solidity, and inner freedom.
You are the Buddha, the Tathagata.

With my one-pointed mind
I vow to nourish your solidity and freedom in myself
so I can offer solidity and freedom to countless others,
now and forever.

Thich Nhat Hanh