BFFE | The intelligence of trees

Gepubliceerdop sep 26, 2019

A German forester, Peter Wohlleben, has observed that where he comes from, trees communicate with one another, care with love for their young, their elders, and their neighbors in case of illness. He wrote the worldwide bestseller ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ (over 2 million copies were sold) that filled nature lovers with wonder. His assertions were confirmed by scientists from the University of British Columbia in Canada, who also appear in the film. This documentary reveals the meticulous and thrilling work of these scientists, which is essential in order to understand interactions among trees as well as the consequences of this discovery. This knowledge will change the way you look at life, trees and forests. – bffe.eu

80 min
France, 2017
French, with English subtitles

Followed by a Panel on Inter-being

EYE Amsterdam
Sunday September 29th
Cinema 2

– Dutch premiere – 

Directors: Julia Dordel, Guido Tölke, Jan Roeloffs | With: Peter Wohlleben, Suzanne Simard, Teresa Ryan, Monika A. Gorzelak, Amanda Asay, Julia Amerongen Maddison | Camera: Tom Roeloffs, Florian Millot | Editor: Florian Millot | Production: Jupiter Communications | Music licensed at Media Music Now, Premium Beat


Buddhist Film Festival Europe @EYE Amsterdam: 27, 28 & 29 september

Gepubliceerdop sep 1, 2019

Every year the BFFE takes place in the beautiful Eye Filmmuseum, under the direction of Babeth M. VanLoo. During this 14th Buddhist Film Festival, Buddhist values, art and culture are again brought together through film. To be together around films, panel discussions with experts and the integration of altruistic values in our society are central. This years theme is IDENTITY.

“Yes, our films will address that in a diversity of approach and genre, from workshops on the Wisdom of Medicine or the Intelligence of Trees, a quest for Reincarnation (‘Who was I? Who am I? Who will I be?’), to a memorial homage for Bernie Glassman; with a special event and films on Tibet, the magical world of Bhutan, the unknown tradition of passionate music monks of China, East meets West, a window into the shamanist and Buddhist art of Buryatia, on a trekking path of the Buddha in India, Art in Focus, and the wisdom of Zen and Buddhist teachers that can help us live our lives in contentment.”- bffe.eu 

Buddhist Film Festival Europe @EYE Amsterdam: 28,29 & 30 september

Gepubliceerdop sep 8, 2018

The theme for BFFE 2018 will be ‘Radical Presence’.

Angel Kyodo Williams will visit the festival and there will be a special focus on women. Check for updates about the opening film, the program and the special event on the website of BFFE 2018!

In the 13th Buddhist Film Festival Europe, under the direction of Babeth M. VanLoo, Buddhism, film, art and culture are brought together. This heart-warming meeting of people who are inspired by a careful selection of spiritual films, panels and art, will take place again this year in the beautiful space of the film museum EYE. Nothing gives more energy than feeling connected to a community of inspiring filmmakers and film-lovers in such a perfect location.

The Buddhist Film Festival Europe (BFFE) is a unique showcase for films and projects, panels and art that highlights the Buddhist culture of training in non-violence and altruism. For more than ten years, we have contributed with films and speakers to the growth of mindfulness, aiming at the creation of a more compassionate society.

The BFFE desperately needs your support to keep organising this special festival over and over again without a structural subsidy.

Join the BFFE membership community @ BFFE.eu/engage

BFFE film + discussie: from business to being

Gepubliceerdop sep 23, 2017

1 oktober 2017; 13:00u – EYE, Amsterdam

Nederlandse première van de film From Business to Being met aansluitend paneldiscussie met gerenommeerde sprekers uit bedrijfsleven, spiritualiteit en wetenschap, over hoe de nieuwe wetenschap van de geest leiders inspireert tot een duurzame (zaken) wereld. Dit special event wordt georganiseerd door Mind & Life Europe. Totale lengte +/- 140 minuten, voertaal: Engels.

From Business To Being moedigt een eerlijke blik naar binnen aan: Wie ben ik? Wat inspireert mij? En hoe leef en handel ik overeenkomstig?

De deelnemeers aan het panel zijn: Dorothy Hillenius – Head of Digital Channels at ING Bank, Germany | Prof. dr. Hans Thijssen – Philosophy of Happiness, Radboud University |Muriel Arts – MF Flow & P2 | Marcello Palazzi – CEO B-Corp |And Julian Wildgruber,  director / producer of the film From Business to Being |Host: Sander Tideman, head of Mind & Life Europe.


Buddhist Film Festival Europe @EYE Amsterdam: 29 september-1 oktober 2017

Gepubliceerdop sep 15, 2017

‘The theme of the Buddhist Film Festival Europe 2017 is ‘Being human.’

This year for the twelfth time the EYE in Amsterdam will be the heart of our being together for spiritual, international films during the Buddhist Film Festival Europe! A unique and well-attended event for meeting new friends, cinema lovers and wisdom seekers, centered on buddhist values, such as non-violence, interdependence, and Mindfulness, with the aim to contribute to a compassionate society.

On Friday evening September 29 at 19:00 the festival will open with the new documentary The Last Dalai Lama? (by Mickey Lemle), a very intimate portrait of the now 82 year old Dalai Lama. In addition to films from various Asian countries, there will be productions focussing on the science of mind, and films with a socially engaged theme that empower holistic perspectives.

Not to miss is the special event on Sunday afternoon October 1, presented by Mind & Life Europe, with a unique contemplative science program and a panel meeting. The full festival program will be available online beginning of September at www.bffe.eu and ticket sales will start on September 8 at www.eyefilm.nl.’ – BFFE.eu