ter afleiding

Gepubliceerdop feb 6, 2018

The power we have is our awareness, and you can develop it right now. Start paying attention to what sites you visit, how often you’re looking at your phone, how long you’re spending in front of a screen all day.

Leo Babauta


geestelijke ruimte

Gepubliceerdop okt 14, 2017

The essence of our mind is completely pure, it’s not true that we are sinners. Our true mind is something incredibly vast, open and spatious, it is not this little brain in which we run around like a rat in a cage. … Mind is compared to the sky: it has no centre, no boundary. … If there was no space we couldn’t exist, there would be no tables and chairs and people. Tables, chairs and people are also space and therefore space is all pervading. For this reason it is compared with the nature of the mind which is all pervading: not this little brain which is trapped within our head. We’re talking about a much deeper level of awareness.

Mind is compared to the sky because you cannot grasp it and think: this is me. But at the same time it is not like the sky because it is conscious. The very essence of our mind is awareness and this we all share! When we go beyond our ego, the sense of ‘I’ and ‘others’ does not pertain, it’s not there. We recognize our interconnection with all beings. … This is why we as human beings need to go back to our true nature: for as long as the ego is running things we have chaos -as we see in the world. The world is run by egomaniacs and look what harm!

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo


atlas van onze emoties (incl. strategieën om met ze om te gaan)

Gepubliceerdop sep 30, 2017

The Atlas of Emotion was commissioned by the Dalai Lama, his purpose is “ In order to find the new world we needed a map, and in order for us to find a calm mind we need a map of our emotions”. The simple, but not easy, goal of this Atlas is to help us be aware of our emotions. Awareness of our emotions means understanding how they are triggered, what they feel like and how we respond. Awareness itself is a strategy, it helps us understand our emotion experiences. We do not want to get rid of our emotions, we want strategies that help us respond in helpful, constructive ways.

The Dalai Lama imagined “a map of our emotions to develop a calm mind.” He asked his longtime friend and renowned emotion scientist Dr. Paul Ekman to realize his idea. Ekman took on the creation of the Atlas alongside his daughter, Eve Ekman, a second-generation emotion researcher and trainer. The Atlas represents what researchers have learned from the psychological study of emotion. – atlasofemotions.org

Please click here to visit the atlas


Station Aandacht Centraal

Gepubliceerdop jul 12, 2017

‘The question is: how do we allow people to be deeply in touch with themselves, and allow them to become deeply in touch with others?
They have to cultivate their capacity for presence. Presence is Grand Central Station and the place people arrive from wherever they’ve originally come from – fear, anger, disappointment, anxiety. Through the practice of being present to their situations, to the suffering that they felt as a result, not to mention the power of being seen as others are present with them, they can then travel on to compassion, to courage, to caring, to love. … As you choose to be more present, you are more present. It allows us to see ourselves and others. By choosing presence we learn to let go of our own discomfort, and experienceing ourselves in a trusting way allows us to trust others more.’

angel Kyodo williams


(n)iets doen

Gepubliceerdop jul 11, 2017

Wees je bewust waar je vierentwintig uur per dag echt bent. Je dient uiterst opmerkzaam te zijn. Als je helemaal nergens meer aan denkt, valt alles harmonieus samen zonder dat er grenzen zijn. Alles is leeg en stil en er is twijfel noch aarzeling in wat je doet.