Posted on feb 21, 2017

Een centrifuge is een (techniek-)toestel dat gebruikmakend van de ‘middelpuntvliedende’ kracht, de mogelijkheid biedt om stoffen te scheiden, te zuiveren of te drogen

Zen is een vorm van boeddhisme die sterk de nadruk legt op dhyana oftewel concentratie-meditatie. Hiermee wordt inzicht verkregen in de eigen ware aard om zo de weg te openen naar een bevrijde manier van leven.


Posted on feb 16, 2018

When the flower arranger arranges the flowers, she also arranges her mind and the mind of the person who looks at the flowers.

zen saying


rode zon

Posted on feb 10, 2018

Animalische hymne

De rode zon gaat op
zonder gedachten,
voor iedereen gelijk.
We verheugen ons als kinderen over de zon.
Er komt een dag dat ons stof uiteen zal vallen,
wanneer heeft geen belang.
Nu schijnt de zon in ‘t diepste van ons hart,
vult alles met gedachteloosheid,
sterk als het bos, de winter, de zee.

Edith Södergran


ter afleiding

Posted on feb 6, 2018

The power we have is our awareness, and you can develop it right now. Start paying attention to what sites you visit, how often you’re looking at your phone, how long you’re spending in front of a screen all day.

Leo Babauta


prettige wijsheid

Posted on feb 5, 2018

The most comfortable and wisest people are those who watch their health when they are healthy; guard their country when it is untroubled; and cultivate their fields well when weeds are nonexistent or scarce.

Venerable Chwasan

Our mind contains within it infinite principles, infinite treasures, and infinite creative transformations. If we can simply guard it, our bounty will be infinite and inexhaustible, free and easy, abounding with riches. This makes the thief all the more covetous and unyielding. To guard against this, we need agency, we need wisdom, and we need courage. If we lack these three things, there will be no way for us to ward off the desires and guard our mind. Indeed, it is all the more difficult to reclaim it once it has been taken away. It is wiser and simpler to guard it well before this can happen, for then we need not make the extra effort to take it back.


niets bijzonders

Posted on feb 4, 2018

Now, this buddha nature that we talk about is not something mysterious or arcane. Buddha justmeans “awake,” “one who is awake.” So we find out how to align ourselves, how to be awake and to align ourselves with our true intention, with our true being, with the wisdom and compassion that is already inherent in each being, including you. You are not the one single exception to the fact that all beings are buddhas. You are not that exceptional.

Zenkei Blanche Hartman